I see elements in ratio.
I see lines intersecting, solids morphing.
I see emotions in an instant.
I see a moment, its meaning.
I try to capture WHY, convey HOW.
I aim to be subtle or stark, but NEVER in Between.

I took to photography on a dare 10 years ago - self taught, core-courses taken. I modeled for a few years after highschool(where I watched and learned the methods) before university - where I studied what I've always been good at, science. Computer science says everything is logical. But that's not true. Everything is ACTUALLY random. Too random, and sometimes coincidental.

I love human beauty, and while nature and creations are incredible, the human emotion and reaction to such is my true interest. I have a few goals for myself in this industry - some commercial...

...but my main true goal is to...

...photograph moments that make absolute and whimsical sense at the same time.